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The Court of Protection is an institution shrouded in mystery, misconceptions and myth.


We aim to dispel such false notions and shine a light on the work carried out by Court of Protection practitioners. 

The Court's objective, as the name suggests, is to protect vulnerable people. However, most of the public (and many professionals) have no idea how the Court operates nor what options and safeguards it presents to the most vulnerable in our society. 

By sharing the lessons we have learnt as lawyers, health professionals, patients and families; we can broaden the public and professional understanding and thus help those who may have fallen outside the Court's reach. 

 - Tom Evans, Solicitor & Professional Deputy

Join the debate and share your experiences of the Court of Protection 

Articles that discuss the real issues facing users of the Court of Protection. 


Gain an insight into the real cases dealt with by a Professional Deputy and the challenges faced by vulnerable people for whom the Court of Protection can act as a last line of defence. 



Contributions to the Blog are welcome from anyone who wishes to share their experience of the Court of Protection


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